Transform Your Playing

Learn the three mindset shifts you need to make to become the musician you've always wanted to be. Captivate your audience and eliminate your tension and anxiety. Performing is FUN!

  • Never Worry About Mistakes Again

  • Walk Onstage Confident that You and Your Audience Will Both Enjoy It

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Tension

  • Learn the Three Mindset Shifts to Unlock Your Inner Musician

  • Progressive Exercises to Solidify the Mindset Shifts

  • *Coming Soon* Audio Example of Each Exercise

  • How to Practice More Effectively

  • Valuable Bonus Features

About Me

I’m Edward House, and my mission is to help you give performances and auditions as your most authentic, confident self.

Chances are, you struggle in this area. You want to perform, but anxiety and self-doubt hold you back. Or maybe you do but you always leave feeling like you weren’t good enough.

I’ve been there. I used to have zero luck with audiences. My performances ended with people saying the same three words: It sounded good. I felt frustrated—at times even hopeless. People just didn’t seem captivated by what I was doing onstage. I felt forgettable and overlooked.

I spent countless hours listening to performances, reading self help books, and taking expensive lessons. I even flew 3,000 miles to take a single lessons once! It just seemed like there was something I was missing…lessons always felt helpful but nothing seemed to change.

That is until I discovered it wasn’t something I was doing that was holding me back... it was the way I was thinking. Once I realized that, I set out to change how I thought about performing, and playing in general.

Now I help my students make those same changes without all the painful and frustrating trial and error it took me. Changing the way you think is hard, it takes more than realizing you want to change. I had to design and repeat exercise to force my brain to think in new ways, and I am excited to share them with you!

Transform Your Playing
About Me

Included Bonus material

  • Exclusive Facebook Group

    Access to the exclusive Facebook Group with other students and myself where you can ask questions and share your experiences. I am active in the group to make sure you are getting everything you can out of the course.

  • *Coming Soon*
    Interview with David Jolley

    Interview with professional player and teacher David Jolley about musicality, practice, and performance anxiety.

What do Students Have to Say?

Naomi Gluck - Oboe

I was skeptical at first..

Naomi Gluck - Oboe

Getting over my anxiety as a musician is really important to me. I was skeptical at first that something created by a horn player would work on oboe...but IT DOES. This course helped me tackle issues I've been having and really improved my playing!


  • Does this work for all instruments?

    Yes! I specifically designed this course to be relevant to a wide variety of musicians. I have had great success teaching students who play instruments I can barely make a sound on.

  • Does this work for all genres?

    Yes and no. It works much better for musicians who are reading music. I have found that musicians playing in improvisatory genres tend to naturally already be doing many of the things discussed. If you are new to improv from reading music and finding yourself really nervous, then this system may be very helpful for you.

  • I already have a teacher...

    That's fantastic! In fact, it means this system will work even better for you. Using this system will help you learn and progress even faster than your teacher alone.

Course curriculum

  • 2
    How to Immediately Eliminate Mistakes
    • Value
    • Exercise 1 - Break the Rules
    • Exercise 2 - Practice Making Mistakes
    • Exercise 3 - The Dartboard
  • 3
    Why no one Else can Play Like YOU
    • Personality
    • Exercise - Everything is a Cadenza
    • Bonus Ear Training
    • Link to Exercise Example Music
    • Exercise 2 - Dance Party
  • 4
    Don't Count on It - The Secret to Great Rhythm
  • 5
    Into the Laboratory - How to Practice
    • Tying It Together - The Science of Practice
  • 6
    • Facebook Group

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  • Edward House

    Edward House

    Edward House is a dynamic horn player and teacher committed to sharing his love of the horn. He is at home with many styles of music having played in chamber, symphonic, studio, and musical theater settings. He is currently an active performer and teacher in the Long Island and NYC areas.

    Recent engagements include the Schumann Konzertstück with the Stony Brook University Symphony, Gounod’s Petite Symphonie as part of the Staller Center’s Starry Nights series, and Principal Horn for Stony Brook Opera’s production of Britten’s Rape of Lucretia, as well as numerous appearances as a freelance player in New York City.

    Some of his past projects include world premiere performances of Hrið-Móðr-Ljómi by Jeffrey Holmes with Nu Ensemble, and Mountain Spires by Emmy Award winning composer Gary Kuo. Edward has also recorded with the Messiah College Brass Cross on Luminosity, and the Messiah College Wind Ensemble on Glorified, and Stained Glass Windows.

    Mr. House has a varied teaching career. Inspired by a multi day workshop on helping people in emotional crisis, Edward is actively working to adapt ideas from the mental health world to help teachers more quickly connect with and empower their students. He has given masterclasses on this principle at Queens College, CUNY and Horns in the Redwoods.

    Edward is currently finishing his Doctor of Musical Arts at Stony Brook University with David Jolley. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Messiah College studying with Dr. Mike Harcrow, and a Master of Music from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) with David Jolley, where he was a Teaching Assistant for the Horn Studio.